Output Modules | Overview


Output Modules

Integrated Stack Lights [Visual Andons] The VersaCall input modules are designed to integrate with stack lights. Up to 5 different colors are available. These lights can be programmed to either flash or go solid on initial input and change states when the input is repeated. There are 2 standard lengths of poles available, 1' or 3'. If your application requires a different length this can be accomplished via conduit. The diameter of the lights can range from 60mm to 100mm. 


Wireless Stack Lights Wireless Stack lights offers the same abilities as the lights attached to the modules, with the flexibility to be placed anywhere. This offers you option to have your input modules placed in your production area, and your lights placed for clear viewing by responding personal. 



Wireless Audio Andon Module provides for audio messages to be played from specific inputs. The audio outputs are completely programmable with up to 8 sounds, tones, or music. You also have the ability to play these with varying time durations. Two different versions are available. One version allows for the files to be loaded via a SD card, the other through a programmer and is tamper proof. 



Wireless Controls Module is used to turn on and turn off lights, audio andons or any electrically activated device wirelessly. This allows for remote control of equipment, lights, gates and audio. 4 outputs are available. Supports the wireless activation of relays and switch contacts. The module requires power.


Vehicle Mounted Display is placed upon forklifts, tuggers, hi-lows and provides for immediate communication with text messages. Power comes from the unit itself.