Realizing a Financial Return | VersaCall System Investment


ROI [Return on Investment] Typically a 2 to 6 Month Payback

We would like to work with you to demonstrate how the VersaCall System would provide value and benefit for your operation by laying out how our system would be implemented and the financial returns. This is accomplished by developing an application profile for your specific operation and also a financial payback


Sources of Savings

  • Plant Floor Communications – Downtime into Productive Time

    Elimination of Notification Time

  • Measurable Reduction in Response Time to Incidents

    Message Escalated and Routed – Measured Response Time

  • Set-Up Time Reduction

    Measuring / Monitoring / Immediate Communication of Issues

  • Minimizing Downtime Disruptions

    Instant Communication of Down Status

  • Real Time Monitoring of Production Output

    Communication of Line Slow or Line Down Conditions

  • Elimination of Manual Data Collection and Data Entry


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