How We Work With You | Develop an Application Profile & Financial Payback


The value and benefit that the VT3000 Wireless Systems provides a customer have been the key to VersaCall's success and growth. We would like to work with you to demonstrate how the VersaCall System would provide value and benefit for your operation by laying out how our system would be implemented and the financial returns. This is accomplished by developing an application profile for your specific operation and also a financial payback
The profile generally has 5 different sections:
  • Overview of System Implementation – description of where in your operation the VersaCall System would be implemented and what specifically it would be accomplishing.
  • What are the current practices before the implementation of the VersaCall System
  • What are the practices with the implementation of the VersaCall System
  • What are the components of the VersaCall System and what is the final system price.
  • Payback/ROI Analysis based upon the financial return associated with the change in practices.


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