Core System Modules | Overview  


VT3000 Core System Modules

Standard Control Unit: Rack Mount, Solid State Disk Drives, supports up to 6000 monitoring points. Substantial CPU processor and memory for large applications. Software is built on Microsoft's .NET technology, SQL database.  
Mini Control Unit supports up to 1000 monitoring point and can be expanded.  Software is built on Microsoft's .NET technology, SQL database.  
Receiver/Coordinator receives and captures wireless transmissions from the input modules and passes the information to the VT3000 Control Unit. Receiver /Coordinator module is integrated with the control unit. Only one receiver coordinator module is typically required per system.  
Wireless Repeater -The VersaCall VT3000 repeater amplifies transmission from the input module encrypted transmitters while ignoring background noise. This repeater is perfect for large facilities such as multi-floor buildings, multi-building sites and other open-air installations. Virtually any number of repeaters can be added to a system, scaling the system size as needed.  No wiring – power is required.