About VersaCall Technologies

Since 1995 VersaCall Technologies Inc. has a legacy of being the leader in developing wireless industrial systems and solutions that improve productivity and operations efficiency.

  • Formerly the Facility Communications Group of Indyme Solutions.
  • Continually developing innovative wireless solutions for reducing production cost and improving production output.
  • Systems engineered to withstand the demands of the factory floor environment.
  • Each system is tailored to a site’s specific requirements
  • Hardware and software modules are designed to be configurable, flexible and expandable.

VersaCall Wireless Systems have been effective in reducing downtime on production floors by as much as 35%. Our wireless technology is easy to implement and integrates well with your existing or planned manufacturing processes. You can realize a 100% ROI in as little as 8 -16 weeks.

Our systems are designed to utilize a site’s existing communications equipment - seamlessly integrating into a location’s public address system, telephone system or two way radios. VersaCall continues to monitor the evolving changes in wireless technologies including Zigbee, 802.11b and g, employing only those technologies that will withstand industrial requirements.

VersaCall Systems are in use in a broad range of industrial sites from foundries, food processors, truck assembly plants, medical products, office equipment and many others in manufacturing assembly, and process environments. Providing immediate value is the hallmark of a VersaCall System.


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